Water and Health Resources

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Water Topic Sheet - Years 5 -13
HIV and AIDS Topic Sheet - Years 5 -13
Make a tippy tap activity - Years 7-8

Alive and Well - Years 5-13

Every child has the right to be “alive at five” and receive their basic needs of food, water and healthcare. The photos and activities on the back explore concepts such as: food and nutrition; hunger and malnutrition; health, water and sanitation; healthy communities and environments.

Just Add Water - Years 3-6

A Social Studies resource folder exploring how different places influence people’s views and use of water.

Water for All - Years 1-13 video resource

Part one of this video explores Abida’s community in Niger, one of the driest and poorest countries in the world. (9 minutes, 2006). Part two tells how her community is transformed by sustainable access to safe water. A powerful insight into the significance of water to people’s lives and its impact on future opportunities.

Not a Drop to Drink - Years 7-8

This digital, student-centred exploratory environment covers how people value safe water depending on its availability. Students use skillful prediction to investigate how their views would change if the taps suddenly failed. Includes: newspaper articles, video clips, photos, web links, interviews with experts, and science activities. The two settings are New Zealand and Niger.

Water Wise - Years 9-11

This textbook helps students: understand the significance of water to life; examine the consequences of how people use and manage water resources; consider the part they can play to ensure people everywhere have sustainable access to safe water. Case studies include: local, global and Niger. Files provide additional information for use alongside the Water Wise textbook.

Strength to Strength - Years 9-11

Explore how the HIV and Aids pandemic affects the universal rights of the young people. The textbook also includes examples of people working together to gain and maintain human rights and social justice, challenging students to plan their own social action. These files also include unit outlines, worksheets, colour photos, background information, simulation activities, assessment schedules and social action related to an earlier version of the social studies 1.5 Achievement Standard.


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