Poverty and Development Resources

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Topic Sheets

Climate Change and Poverty Topic Sheet - Years 7-13
Poverty and the Environment Topic Sheet - Years 7-13
Complex Emergencies Topic Sheet - Years 7-13
About World Vision Topic Sheet - Years 7-13
Sustainable Technology Topic Sheet - Years 7-13
Poverty Topic Sheet - Years 7-13
How World Vision Works: Relief and Rehabilitation Topic Sheet - Years 7-13


Poverty, Development and Disaster Resources

Earthquake Response Game - Years 5 -13

Four multi-choice decision sets about aid, media and fundraising simulate the work of an aid organisation after an earthquake. The leader board tracks results and bonus points. Includes four communication activities: aid organisation logo, press release, print ad and appeal letter.

Responding to Disasters Years 5-13

Extreme disasters are global news events but what happens behind the headlines? The photos, information and learning activities develop an understanding of how disasters affect people’s lives and how aid organisations respond effectively. Covers social studies concepts such as: challenge and crisis; events, causes and effects; resources; sustainability; human and child rights.

Indian Ocean Tsunami Response Years 7-13

What was achieved in three years of helping people rebuild their lives? This 11 minute video summarises World Vision’s response to the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami: assisting communities in Indonesia, India, Sri Lanka and Thailand. See footage of the tsunami and hear survivors talk of their experiences. Learn about sustainable options for recovery and how life has been improved for many devastated by the tsunami. 


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