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Albania Photo Advocacy Project - Years 7-13

Photography to shine light on issues in their community to raise awareness in their community about different topics
including: pollution, child rights, poverty, child exploitation, -
Zejman, Albania

Working for Change Years 7-13

In the age of globalisation, our world is increasingly interconnected – yet the gap between rich and poor grows every year. The Working for Change video explores the impact of our actions on the rest of the world.

The World of Social Action Years 7-12

The World of Social Action will help inspire and guide your students through their social action journey. The mix-and-match teacher and student resources support meaningful decision-making for any child rights issue. Use this versatile resource across different levels in a variety of ways for many years.

Media Literacy for Global Citizenship Years 7-10

Empower your students to participate effectively in today’s society, and in the future, by teaching media literacy skills in the context of global citizenship. This teacher resource folder is classroom-ready with activity-based lessons, student worksheet photocopy masters and suggested assessment tools


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