Stories from Girls Who Dared to Dream

Free eBook to inspire your young ones. Discover new stories from real girls around the world who were determined to make a difference. Girls who refused to give up. Change-makers, writing their own stories, in small ways and big ways (and small ways that turn into big ways). Together, these girls, and millions more like them, are revolutionising the world.

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Want to make storytime meaningful? These 10 incredible stories are for the young dreamers in your life, the curious ones and the brave. Be inspired by what happens when girls dare to dream BIG, especially when everything seems against them.

From Cambodia to Zambia, Honduras to Uganda, girls are overcoming challenges and beating the odds – one idea, one conversation, one law, one small business, one life at a time.

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Courage. Resilience. Kindness. Teach your kids what matters most

Meet 10 world-changing girls from around the globe, including right here in Aotearoa. Girls who spoke up, stood tall, tried again or found another way to reach their dreams and make a difference.


Introduce your child to inspiring, real role models who put kindness and bravery into action to reach their dreams and support those around them.


Teach your child about global issues. Each amazing story will give them a glimpse of a different culture and the obstacles some girls must overcome.


Bonnie's story has been translated into Te Reo Māori by respected translator and author Evelyn M Tobin, with deep meanings woven through the work.

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Children don't want to put this book down

Right now, there are girls and boys holding this eBook, who are shaping the future along with all the other change-makers out there. The future will be what all that your young ones decide to make it. Let's go.