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Hunger Topic Sheet - Years 5-13

Food and Hunger

Food for Life - Years 5-13

The 12 poster photos from around the world show the importance of food to people, including captions, information, quotes and activities (2008). The expanded Food for Life pdf covers topics about: hunger, nutrition and healthy eating; access to food and climate change; food assistance and sustainability. The pdf contains updated information, resource pages and activities to use with the photos. (2020)

Transforming Lives - Years 5-13

The true story of one community’s development in north-central Tanzania. A compelling case study of sustainable, transformational development taking place over time that empowers the people. A guide provides suggestions for use within the teaching programme. (17 minutes, 2001)

Food for Tomorrow - Years 4-11

Meet the Ayele family in Ethiopia and see how community developments help them face drought. Follow their daily activities as they work towards having enough food for tomorrow. Take a look at other situations where food is scarce, including two short case studies in Cambodia and Honduras. (35 minutes, 2000)

Five Days in Bangladesh - Years 7-13

Experience the impact of poverty in Bangladesh on children’s lives as seen through the eyes of Lucy Lawless, well known New Zealand actress. Meet Banik, whom she sponsored for many years, now supporting himself through university. Also, meet Fatema, her new sponsored child. (46 minutes, 2005)


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