Child Rights Resources

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Topic Sheets

Child Rights Topic Sheet - Years 7-13
Child Trafficking Topic Sheet - Years 5-13
Child Labour Topic Sheet - Years 5-13
Protecting Children Topic Sheet - Years 5-13


Child Rights Resource

Making it Right - Years 7-13

The 13 photos on this poster feature young people around the world improving child rights in their own communities. Be inspired by the simple significant changes they are making. Includes case study information, captions and student activities.


Child Rights and Global Citizenship Resources

Albania Photo Advocacy Project - Years 7-13

Photography to shine light on issues in their community to raise awareness in their community about different topics
including: pollution, child rights, poverty, child exploitation, -
Zejman, Albania

Working for Change Years 7-13

In the age of globalisation, our world is increasingly interconnected – yet the gap between rich and poor grows every year. The Working for Change video explores the impact of our actions on the rest of the world.

The World of Social Action Years 7-12

The World of Social Action will help inspire and guide your students through their social action journey. The mix-and-match teacher and student resources support meaningful decision-making for any child rights issue. Use this versatile resource across different levels in a variety of ways for many years.


Exploitation and Child Rights Resources

What works to end violence against children? - Years 7-13

Research and reports about ending violence against children. Learning resources to deep dive into this topic for senior students and educators.

The Tragedy of Child Labour - Years 7-13

The story of three child labourers in India – 11-year-old Murugan, who rolls beedis (home-made cigarettes) to pay off his parents’ loan; 11-year-old Valli, who breaks rocks now that her father is too ill to work; and 13-year-old Bharati, who has been rolling beedis since the age of nine. The video shows the terrible toll that child labour exacts on the children, their families, on society and on future generations. (25 minutes, 1998)

Child Labour and the Work Children Do - Years 7-13

Child Labour: The case study of ex-labourer, Priya (12) and her family in India, shows how work affects children’s lives. 

Work Children Do: Arvind (8) used to work but now goes to school. Find out about his daily life in India through student-friendly information pages to print, colour photos, and learning activities.


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